Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Opinion of TV Unchanged (or Worsening)

I was just re-reading my post from Jan 9 2008:

1. Interesting my "predictions" as compared to what actually happened. I'll differentiate myself from the pundits by admitting that I had no clue whatever: a) That Obama would win the primary, let alone the election. b) That McCain would win the primary*. c) Who was Governor of Alaska.

(* IMHO, McCain would probably be the best President we've had in a while; it's just that he's completely incompetent at running for President.)

2. I'm still not watching network TV, except for one-to-three hours per week. There's just not that much on worth watching (but then, that's not an original statement at all). I watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition regularly. (I was watching something else I liked, but I can't think what now that I want to write it.)

Mostly I watch old--really old programs on stations that specialize in them: The Andy Griffith Show, Adam-12, The Jack Benny Program are examples. Yes, hokey in places, but Benny, for example, blows away modern so-called comedy (aka sexual and bodily function references--hey, junior high school was a long time ago, people) with nonsense like Mel Blanc's "Sy" routine or train announcer. (Benny was funnier saying nothing than some modern "comedians" at their career best.)

Oh, no, there's nothing wrong with our society; it's not falling apart. Take another Valium and all will be right.